Are you looking for plantable paper products to promote yourself or event? Seeded items that will grow, such as plantable business cards that grow flowers, organic seeded postcards that turn into vegetables or clothing hang tags that grow herbs when planted? Or maybe you want organic plantable invitations that grow trees for your wedding or next event..


This “Amazing Growing Seeded Paper” is a fantastic product that is sweeping the world of printing, but does require special care to avoid damaging the seeds in the process. Make sure your seeded paper items grow when they are planted by choosing the right process.

With plantable paper products your message will continue to grow in the hearts and minds of those who receive this wonderful gift from you, long after the original plantable item has served its purpose. Now they will look at the flowers, vegetables, herbs or even trees that are growing from your plantable business card, postcard or plantable invite and think of you and your message of sustainability again and again. What better way is there to deliver your message and give back to the planet at the same time?

The main set back for most with utilizing the amazing power and attraction of plantable, seeded paper is that being hand-made it tends to be expensive. For many the thought of paying more than a few dollars each for greeting cards is unthinkable. However if you are to truly consider the value of handmade, organic, seeded, plantable paper for your business cards, postcards, tags, invitations, etc… the cost becomes insignificant.

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